About Us

JML Bio-Tech is the emerging company in manufacturing and generation of biodiesel.
We have been in petroleum fuel business for more than over 4 decades and since last 2 years we are involved in manufacturing ,sales and marketing of biodiesel.


Biofuel manufacturing

JML Bio-Tech Pvt ltd its employees and shareholders to remain "absolutely and positively" 

  • Focused on product quality and  safety,  based on local and  international  technical specification requirements, 
  • The highest ethical and professional service standards
  • And the needs of their customer.


Environment Friendly Fuel

JML Bio-Tech Pvt ltd promotes "Green Initiatives" and strives to reduce our environmental impact  by focusing on the following initiatives:

  • Energy use and conservation 
  • Waste management 
  • Water conservation
  • Facilities planning
  • Transportation efficiency

Supply Chains

biofuel procedure

JML Bio-Tech Pvt ltd supply chain efforts focus on ensuring product quality and meeting the needs and expectations of customers through the most efficient use of resources, distribution, inventory and labour. JML Bio-Tech Pvt ltd maintains a social responsibility to produce biodiesel while engaging in the highest standards of behaviours with our suppliers and customers and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.


Corp. Office:Flat no. 204,Om Complex, Dushyant Nagar, Opp. Moon Bar, Sikandra Bodla Road, Agra -282007.

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